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As of November 28th, 2017, I'm significantly changing my offerings, pricing, and client avatar in regards to my services. I will have three tiers for ways to work with me (released on November 28th to you and then the public) that will be starting between $3-4K per month. My virtual intensives are normally priced $1997 for 3-4 hours to work with me one-on-one in regards to your Email Marketing or Systems Strategy.

I have only 3 SLOTS available at this special holiday pricing of $597 (70% off).

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As of November 28th, 2017, I don't plan on creating or selling ANY masterclasses anymore because it no longer aligns with my 2018 business model, but the content is AMAZING. So I'm bundling it certain ones for $47 per bundle just for my list. This will not be released to the public - trust me. Definitely take advantage if you're looking to learn more about Email Marketing + ConvertKit, Systems, & more!

Here's whats included in the bundle:

Email Marketing 201

What if you could learn about email marketing while growing and automating your list…discovering the right platform…and getting started today…now you can.

Retail Value: $197

Ready. Set. ConvertKit Master Class

Focusing on your email list when just starting out in business is vital asset to growing your business. Let me walk you through the value of learning how to use ConvertKit.

It's about time you stopped messing around and got serious with creating or growing your email list and I'll show you how to use ConvertKit so you can achieve your goals within the next 30 days.

Retail Value: $397

 Build A Valuable Email List Micro Course
 Build A Valuable Email List Micro Course

Coins With ConvertKit™ 

You've heard people talk on and on about having an email list & sales funnels and by now, you probably feel like you need to have both. Well, you do. Here's why:

A sales funnel is a buying and marketing process that companies use to lead their consumers through when purchasing products or services. Creating a sales funnel is one thing and using a system (i.e. ConvertKit) to achieve this goal is another and I'm here to help you figure it all out in Coins With ConvertKit™.

Retail Value: $697



Here's whats included in this bundle:


What if you could learn about the blueprint to using technology, automation, processes, strategy, and systems for your business? What if you could implement proven formulas using technology to grow your business?

The Systems, Strategies, & Sales™ Master Class Bundle is for you! 

 Build A Valuable Email List Micro Course
 Build A Valuable Email List Micro Course


Ready to learn how to onboard clients with ease? How about how to setup your systems to generate passive income? If so, these mini-courses are just for you!

Retail Value: $297 (a piece)