Tech Tip Tuesday: Website Edition

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Happy Tuesday! It feels good to be back after my birthday celebration week last week. This is definitely my favorite date of the week for sure and I hope that it's becoming the same for you.

I had an amazing conversation with a Marketing Strategist in the Technology Industry on Sunday. This conversation was more valuable than I initially thought it would be. She gave me SOME amazing perspective when it came to Marketing Technology products and services from a website perspective. This started turning my brain upside down and made me think about thinks differently. I automatically started implementing some new things on my site and on client projects. Here are 3 website tips to start increasing your online presence immediately:


  1. Convey The Right Message: You have to realize when people are reading your website that can be potential leads that you are conveying the right message. It's more about what YOU can do for THEM vs what YOU do. When the Marketing Strategist told me this, it made total sense. I realize that when people kept saying: "I LOVE your profile but what exactly do you do?" it's definitely time to make some changes. Now, I make things clear on my site: "I help clients by solving their business and technology needs". Yes, that's broad but so is technology so I prefer to leave it as such. 
  2. Be Open To Feedback: When an expert gives you constructive criticism, be open to it when it comes to your BRAND. You NEVER know who is paying attention and who is a potential LEAD. When the Marketing Strategist said these things to me, I didn't take offense to anything. Better yet, I was asking questions, being engaged, and totally immersed in what she had to say. Feedback isn't meant to make you weak it's mean to make you and your products/services strong!
  3. Make The Investments To Your Website: If you want REAL changes in your Business for 2016 making the investments and doing the work is KEY to your success. Whether it's hiring a branding coach, a business technology consultant like myself, or a marketing company who has experience in technology, these people can be important to the growth of your business. Do the research on these folks who have not only transformed CLIENTS brands but also their OWN. It shows their knowledge, expertise, and case study analysis.


When people put your website domain name into their toolbar and it appears, you have a few seconds to make a lasting impression. Be mindful of this when you are creating your website and re-branding. I will discussing this a little further on Periscope tonight at 8PM. Feel free to join me!

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