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Happy New Year Everyone! It’s the first Tech Tip Tuesday of 2016 and I am excited about all the great technology for 2016. One thing that I have been speaking heavily about for myself was increasing my productivity. My business has grown (which I am SO thankful for) but I wanted to make sure that I was working smarter not harder. Which brings us to today’s App: Todoist and why you should start using it IMMEDIATELY.

I remember when Todoist launched in 2007. I definitely saw potential in the startup but knew that they had other competitors within the market during that time. David Allen (Founder of GTD) has incorporated it into his well known process - Getting Things Done and it’s awesome. Over the last 8 years, they have made tremendous strides of being one of the go-to for project and task management. I couldn’t let the new year start without sharing one of my favorite apps. Here are 4 ways to start incorporating Todoist into your personal and professional life so you can GTD beginning today:


1. Collect: Todoist integrates with a lot of the platforms you are currently using (i.e. Gmail, IFTTT, etc.) You can determine from each of the tools you are using which information is of importance and capture (i.e. collect) it for the Todoist app. I love being able to organize my personal and professional life with this method. It will definitely SAVE your life. 

2. Process: Everything that you are collecting has to be a MEASURABLE and ACCURATE goal. Like I discussed on my Periscope yesterday: 2016 is all about STRATEGY and the best way to create one is to make sure your action steps are laid out (i.e. process). You can’t execute anything without a process. Get you one!

3. Organize: Organization is keep when it comes to productivity. By using labels, splitting your task into sub-task and assigning due dates show which things are priority for your personal and professional life. I utilize this by putting color-coded labels on my work stuff versus my personal stuff. Definitely a way to stay organized.

4. Review: With great filtering options for your tasks and projects, you are able to review your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. These analytics are key because they show you how long you stay on one project or task versus the other. We all want to be more efficient and productive in 2016 but let’s work smarter not harder.


Here is a great introductory video on Todoist from their blog:


The Todoist app is available for: Apple (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, & Mac OS X), Android (Phone, Tablet, Wear), Chromebook, Windows OS, Google Chrome, Firefox, Gmail, and Outlook. The pricing structure are listed here and here.

Many people have goals of increasing their revenues for their business and personal lives for 2016. What better way to start than to increase your productivity by using Todoist.


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