Tech Tip Tuesday: Legal Edition

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Happy Tuesday! This is definitely my favorite date of the week for sure and I hope that it's becoming the same for you.


When I think about the Legal field, one thing comes to mind: the use of Technology. I’ve talked to plenty of attorney’s and judges that I know (especially within my family) when it comes to the use of Technology and here is usually their response: “Well, i’m an old school attorney - Pen, Paper, and File is good enough for me.” I have SO much respect and adoration for attorney’s and judges that I know but I also think that Technology is important for your practice and business like any other. Here are 3 tech tips to start utilizing technology to in your Legal Consulting or Law Firm beginning today


  1. Legal Tech Can Help Your Productivity: There are various technology tools/resources on the market that can help entrepreneurs and small businesses regardless of their industry. Yes, Legal Tech is not a “REAL” field but it should be because attorney’s require different technology needs than others. Consider purchasing tools that allow the upmost security for your practice in law (i.e. Google Apps, Slack, Evernote, Todoist, etc). Security is definitely important to you because of Attorney-Client privilege but these examples of tools I provided can make you sleep well at night knowing they are there to help you and keep your information safe. When some law practice management tools came on the scenes in the mid 2000’s, they were WAY behind in their technology structure. Now, being a tech savvy attorney is a requirement so that you can keep up with your clients so why not utilize great productivity tools to help you do so.

  2. Legal Tech Can Help You Solve Real Problems: Calendar management can save us so much time especially if we are able to utilize technology with it. If your assistant or your office manager needs to update you on a call, a new hearing, or a meeting in chambers, technology can help you solve this problem simply with a click. This can be a real world problem especially you being on the go but using a calendar that can integrate with your Google Apps email and other things can truly save the day. Additionally, if you needed to communicate with your team based on new evidence from a client’s case but didn’t have time for a conference call, using an instant messaging service such as Slack will do the job. You’re able to create certain team groups for certain clients to discus new issues, share documents with the click of an upload, and strategize before your next time meeting. At the end of the day, it’s about leveraging technology for Lawyers to solve real problems.

  3. Legal Tech Can Save You Money: By creating a workflow with technology apps and tools for your firm, you can save SO much money for your tech budget in your business. Yes, your main workflow should focus around security and privacy for your clients but why not also include productivity into the mix. Do you realize the average price* on some of these team tools can run you about $300 per year simply if you have under a team of 5? It’s all about thinking about what tech tools you REALLY need versus just purchasing things because you THINK it will help. Additionally, it will save you so much time rather than researching or looking for something that you need for yourself or a client. Being organized and using technology to do so can be life saving when it comes to your business. Lawyers are always on the move like every entrepreneur but making during you have the right workflow in place is key for your business.


To all of the attorney’s reading this, this one is for you: make the investment into technology; you won’t be sorry that you did. Speaking of investments, I have created a webinar for the legal industry entitled: “Creating the BEST Productivity Workflow for your Law Firm/Legal Consulting Business” that will be help this Thursday, February 11th from 2:00PM-3:00PM EST.  Click HERE to register. You don’t want to miss it.

I will discussing this a little further on Periscope tonight at 8PM. Feel free to join me!

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