#TECHTipTuesday: March Madness

Happy Tuesday and Welcome to March folks

I LOVE March. Why? Because in the sports world, March Madness shows the crazy things that can happen. When I apply that to business and technology, March is the end of Quarter one. It shows what you have accomplished over the last 90 days and how far you have come. On Periscope earlier today, I talked about 3 ways to achieve your March Goals by Creating Systems, Increasing Productivity, and Growing Your Business.

Here's a quick re-cap:

1). Think About Your Team: How many people you have on your team? Will your team react positively to new systems? Are you a solo person? What systems will work best for you? Would you rather take notes? Would you rather record meeting? Pen and paper? Etc?

2). Think About Your Budget: When you are lean starting out in your business, you gotta think about the tools you really NEED versus what you WANT. A lot of people see shiny toys and gadgets and think that we need them but we truly don't. 

3). Do The Work: You have to put in the to make the Technology work for you. It's great to have systems to do all of these things but you have to put in the work to add into it. My systems that I use might not work for you but it takes time to find the right workflow.

So, there you have it. 

TECHnically Yours™,


Kristen Smith

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