#TECHTipTuesday: Email Automation Sequences

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday!

Creating your email automation sequences is a great way to help you grow your community and your business but how do you do that you ask? It's a few different questions you should keep in mind. When people sign up for your email list, what picture are you painting for your potential clients and your community? Are you providing them with some sort of value? Are you showing them the person (i.e. you) behind the business? These are definitely questions you should ponder before drafting the content for your email automation sequences. Here are the 3 tips on how to use Email Marketing Automation Sequences to help grow your community and your business:


  1. Welcome them to you and your business: In order to build your community, people need to understand who you are and what you do. What solution can you provide for their pain points in their business. It shows them about you, your background, and how your business can help them. Definitely crucial when building your community.
  2. Provide them with valuable tips or tricks: Show your community why you should be their go-to expert. Why should they follow you and believe your expertise? Put your self in their shoes and determine why you would believe someone else's content. You have to connect to them and show them why they should value your tips.
  3. Promote your products and services: Yes, at the end of the day you are in business but at the same time why should someone want to pay for anything from you? Why should they desire to work with you? If you have someone on the edge of thinking about working with you, how will your content shift their perspective? All apart of the process.


Sequences can change the game of your business and your community with the right content. You want to create community? Make sure that your content reflects your expertise, value, and why people should want to be apart of your tribe. 

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Kristen Smith

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