#TECHTipTuesday: Email Marketing Automation

Greetings and Happy Tuesday to you!


When it comes to email marketing, there are some foundational formulas, algorithms, and data science behind the results. Many people think it's about sending email just to their community but it's so much more than that. Sending an email automation sequence to your community connects them to your products or services and you definitely don’t want to miss the mark with that. Here are the 3 tips on how Email Marketing Automation is beneficial for your business:

  1. Connects to your community 
  2. Help your sales funnel
  3. Saves you with time


Email Marketing Automation can definitely help you grow your business the right way if people can connect to your message. People who sign up for email list feel like they receive exclusive and things first hand so provide them with a reason. 

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Kristen Smith

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