#TECHTipTuesday: 3 Ways To Set The Right Opt-In Expectations

 3 Ways To Set The Right Opt-In Expectations: cheers to new subscribers!

Adding people to your email list (whether new or old) can be an exciting and interesting process yet a lot of entrepreneurs don’t set up the right expectation to what their audience is opting-in to. For people who have never signed up for an email list before, they might just think that they will receive their freebie, one email, and that’s it. Others who are used to signing up for an email list might believe they are receiving a series of emails from you. There is definitely a difference between a single automated email and an automated email series. Here are the 3 ways to set the right opt-in expectations for your audience:

1. Make Your Call-To-Action Clear: When people are opting-in to your email list, is it clear to what they are opting-in to? People could honestly have questions at this moment simply because they are unsure or unclear to this entire process. The moment that you put that call-to-action out there, let people know what they should expect: “sign up for my free 7-day course, sign up for my checklist, sign up for my resource guide, and more”. Making this very clear for your audience can alleviate a lot of emails or questions being asked via social media (just saying).

2. Make Your Content Clear In Your Welcome Email: So, the subscriber has opted-in to your email list and excited to receive your freebie (that’s great!). This is also a perfect opportunity to remind them about your call-to-action in the content of your welcome email. Your welcome email sets the tone for their entire experience and your content plays a major part of it. In your welcome email, let the subscriber know if they should expect this free email and sporadic emails while their on your list or let them know they will be receiving emails over the next few days (it’s your call how to craft automation). This way, your subscriber will know based on the information provided from your welcome email what to expect going forward from your content.

3. Make Your Marketing Clear: On social media, your website, and any other outlets, your marketing needs to be clear when it comes to your opt-in. I make it a point on all platforms (when advertising about my free 7-day course (link) that I let people know that it’s free and how to sign up for it. It’s important to make things as easy as possible when it comes to where to go, how to sign up, etc. I’ve noticed on a few sites that people haven’t really made that clear and this can hurt them adding subscribers to their email list (better be safe than sorry). The whole point of this process is to add people to your email list and you can make this easier for you (and them) by making your marketing clear.

A lot of people don’t really think about the intricate details when it comes to really creating an experience for their subscribers. It’s not just about creating an opt-in, hoping people sign up, and moving forward. It takes planning and creating the right strategy for you and your industry (we discuss this more in my email rescue 9-1-1™ course). Setting the right expectations to your email list can go a long way when it comes to growing your community. Making this as easy as possible for them is the ultimate goal and these 3 tips can definitely help with that process. 

I love connecting to my email list and I’m making my call-to-action very clear for you. Click here for my FREE worksheet the right opt-in expectations for your list. Have an awesome Tech Tip Tuesday!

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