#TECHTipTuesday: 3 Ways To Create A Theme For Your Email Marketing

 3 Ways To Create A Theme For Your Email Marketing

When it comes to your email marketing, it's great to create a theme for your audience. Your email marketing content is vital to your theme's success. Creating and curating value to your audience is crucial when you consider your theme.  In the video below, I discuss 3 ways to create a theme for your email marketing but here is the brief outline:

  1. Market Research: See what your community is really in need of
  2. Content: Base this off of your market research and crafted for your audience
  3. Scheduling: Determine when to send your blasts

I go into these 3 ways a little bit more in detail in the video below.

This month of July was AWESOME when it came to my content about email marketing. In August, I'm doing something different so you definitely want to click here for my FREEBIE on ways to create a theme.

July was an amazing month and I'm setting the intent for August to be even greater (for me and you).

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