#TECHTipTuesday: 3 Things August Taught Me About Productivity (TECHnically Speaking™)

 #TECHTipTuesday Blog: 3 Things August Taught Me About Productivity (TECHnically Speaking™)

This year is definitely flying buy fast (seriously I can’t believe it). September is pretty much here but August taught me SO many things when it comes to productivity. As you take a moment to reflect back on August and your business, were things as productive as you have liked? There is no right or wrong answer but merely time for you to ponder that thought. The next 48 hours are so crucial in your business. Here are the 3 things August taught me about productivity that can help you in your business for September:

  1. Create a schedule that works for YOU: During the month of August, I was experimenting with my schedule personally and professionally. I didn’t realize how much this was a major part of my productivity until I thought about how July went. I realized when I started waking up earlier and working out more, I was more productive. So, I made the ultimate decision to switch up my work-out times and change my daily calendar. There were some bumps in the road at first (trust me) but as August went on things starting shaping up. I started using my calendars on my iPhone, iPad Mini, and MacBook Air more to keep me accountable (and boy were they a big help). This helped me create a better sleep and work schedule which created better productivity for my business.
  2. Implementing a to-do list is IMPORTANT: I think to-do list are amazing and I’m obsessed with them even more now. Lately, I’ve been writing them down because I’ve been testing out different to-do list apps (more on that coming soon) but I definitely put one in Evernote for the time being. This keeps me accountability about what needs to be accomplished for the day. I also realized that I used to have these LONG to-do list where I wouldn’t get ONE thing productivity. Now, I have a shorter list (about 4-5 things) and I knock them out daily. My to-do list keeps me accountable and yours should too!
  3. Leveraging technology in your business is CRUCIAL: As a techie, I understand that leveraging technology in your business is important BUT it’s even more important when: a). you’re just starting your business, b). your business is growing, or c). you’re rebranding your business. Technology is a crucial part of your productivity and I realized that even more during the month of August. It was my intention for the month of August to lean out my systems and focus on the core one’s that I needed. The point in me sharing this is that technology is here to HELP you not hurt you. It’s vital that you use technology to help your productivity.

So, what did I learn from this? Having these 3 things in place could have made me an even better and more productive entrepreneur for the month of August. However, I’m not except because tomorrow gives me time to close out this chapter and prepare for this and a new month in September. Don’t be so hard on yourselves when it comes to your productivity. Sometimes life and other things get in the way (and that’s okay). It’s how you bounce back when these things happen that shows how strong you are. I know that September will be a more productive month for you and I’m here to help you accomplish this goal. 

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