#TECHTipTuesday: Picking The Right E-Commerce Platform For Holiday Season 2016

 #TECHTipTuesday Blog: Picking The Right E-Commerce Platform For Holiday Season 2016

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year - yes, Holiday Season 2016 is almost here! Here’s my question to you: have you picked the right e-commerce platform for your business? The current e-commerce platform that you have at the moment has worked out for the last few months but will it be a sustainable option during this holiday season? You really need to consider this especially when it comes to the business and revenue goals that you have. Let’s discuss 3 ways you can pick the right e-commerce platform for your business this holiday season 2016:

  1. Budget: When it comes to the finances, you need to estimate some money for your e-commerce platform to your budget. This will definitely be an investment into your business that you shouldn’t “cheapen” or “short change”. Your e-commerce platform will host your products or services for your business and you shouldn’t take this light. Make sure that you allocate the right amount of money in your budget to making sure that you have what you need.

  2. Product/Service: The e-commerce platform that you pick should also be able to handle the capacity of your products or service. Will the bandwidth be enough? Will they allow you a certain amount or unlimited products? How do the payment processors work with your product or services?These are all key questions you should consider when signing up for a platform. 

  3. Handle Demand of Business: The most important thing for your e-commerce site is will it be able to handle the demand of your business. As your business grows and you continue to scale, will the plan and platform be able to sustain it? Some platforms will constrict what you can do after certain plans have been exhausted. So, keep in this in mind when you are deciding on your businesses e-home.

When it comes to Holiday Season 2016, entrepreneurs who have e-commerce stores should ALWAYS be prepared. You never know at a moments notice when someone features your product on their blog, scope, youtube, or etc. When people get acquainted with your brand, they will expect that your service will deliver to fulfill their holiday and product needs. This is exactly why choosing the right e-commerce platform is important for your business this holiday season. 

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