#TECHTipTuesday: How To Start Automating Your Business Today

 How to start automating your business beginning today + fee infographic

When it comes to being more efficient in your business, you must understand what tasks are important versus what tasks are menial. Working harder seems to be the go to for entrepreneurs these days but working smarter should be the only option. Being smart in your work choices is beneficial and definitely a time saver instead of slaving for hours over task that can be easily automated. As an entrepreneur, focusing on productivity and efficiency for your business will lead to better business growth.

If you're not familiar with automation, let me give you a brief definition of how I would describe it. Automation (in my own words) is defined as: "the use of technology (via systems or software) to control a particular process in such a way that it becomes self-acting or self-regulating." Using automation in your business on a daily basis can help you increase reliability, efficiency, and revenue. With automation being a great asset to your business, your repetitive tasks can be easily removed from your daily workflow. This is a great way to streamline your processes so that you can focus on your community and other important tasks in your business. 

Let’s now discuss a few important reasons why you need to start automating your business today!


1. Unified Communication

Working as a solopreneur or on a team can always bring hiccups or gaps when it comes to communication. Say for instance you are outsourcing to a designer for a client project. The client has sent numerous emails or messages to the designer. The designer instead refers things to you although it was a web design question. Going back and forth for the last few days, the customer becomes irritated because no one can seem to answer their question. Not only does this leave a bad taste in your mouth because you can't track where the "disconnect" occurred but the client is not happy about their project. 

Using automation in this particular scenario (and in general) can solve the hiccups in communication amongst solopreneurs (and who they outsource too) and also amongst teams. If the communication was unified by using automation, the client would have received a notification from the designer stating that their issue has been received (maybe via a ticketing system or email autoresponder). From there, this information should have been forward (automatically) to you since you are the liaison between the designer and the client. Moral of this, everyone could be on the same page with communication and automation would be the glue to make sure everybody is on one accord.


2. Unified Task Management

Tasks are provided to solopreneurs or team members on a daily basis. The main goal of this task is to get whatever job is required done. Sometimes task have one step and other times there could be multi-steps. The best way to use automation to achieve this is to make sure everyone has a clear-cut workflow for tracking and analytics purposes. Everyone on your team needs to know their role and how to achieve it.

Automation can help you achieve this by clearly defining what each person needs to do. If you're using a project management tool (i.e. Basecamp, Asana, or Trello), you can personally assign tasks to yourself or individuals on your team. It helps you achieve this by going in to these platforms, setting up certain conditions (i.e. rules, alerts, and check-ins), and seeing the end result when the task is completed.  All of the tasks you or your team has accomplished can be tracked, measured, and reviewed in your system to determine your progress throughout any particular project. From on-boarding, maintenance, and termination/conclusion of a project, automation can help you see the vision in task management. 


3. Unified Process Management

Every business has to plan and monitor its performance on a daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly basis. In order for them to achieve this goal with accuracy and efficiency, automation must be introduced to the business processes and workflows. 

Automation allows you as a solopreneur or as a team to truly monitor your business process. Understanding how long you take on particular projects, tasks, and more is vital to your business success. Once you take a deeper dive into these analytics, it will show you how to create plans of automation workflows for your business. You can automate more task than you realize by simply taking the time to check your processes. Once you determine what you want to automate, you can change the way you run your business. 


If you want more accuracy, efficiency, and productivity in your business than automation is the way to go. It can save you money, time, and customer experience by simply using it to streamline your workflows. 

 Free automation infographic 

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