#WerkWednesday: How to TECHnically Prepare for Holiday Season 2016

 How to TECHnically Prepare for Holiday Season 2016 + Free Video

September is here and it is never too early to begin preparing for the Holiday Season. A lot of businesses think that preparing in October or November is okay for their community. It actually works the opposite way to preparing later. Having the conversations about Holiday Season NOW prepares your community for what’s to come during that time. It’s a great time for you to build their trust so that you can create raving fans and consumers. Here are the 3 ways you can TECHnically prepare for Holiday Season 2016 right now:

  1. Have a meeting with your team or yourself to discuss strategy: This is definitely important to make sure you or your team is on the same page as your strategy. Holiday Season strategy (and marketing) is a little different from the other times of the fiscal year. What will be the products or services you will be highlighting during the holiday season? What systems will you use to make sure they are promoted properly? What will be the holiday theme for your email marketing? All of these things require strategy when it comes to the holiday season for your business. By starting to have this conversation now will help yourself or your team get things in order for the next few months.
  2. Focus on your first major task at hand - Hardware: Every day in your business you are using hardware for a particular purpose. Whether this purpose is doing market research online via your computer, printing out proposals on your printer, or even going over your powerpoint presentation on your tablet, hardware is being used. Using hardware during the holiday season requires strategic planning to make sure your equipment is in functioning order. During the holiday season, your hardware MUST be up to par so that you can provide your products and services to your community. Conduct an inventory of your equipment, Get some tune-ups for your current hardware, and Determine if there are additional pieces of hardware that you will need for the holiday season. This is very important for your business and your consumers.
  3. Provide yourself or your team with deliverables for TECHnical Holiday preparation: When it comes to technology, you need to give yourself or your team time to adjust to new things. On average, it can take individuals between 14-30 days to get accustom or acquainted to new technology whether hardware or software. By providing this timeline, you can work out all the kinks on how to use this new technology (hardware or software) for your business way before holiday season commences. Additionally, if you or your team needs training on this new technology you can have enough calendar time to accomplish this go. Deliverables are definitely important with technology and especially during this holiday season.

These three items can definitely save you money and time if you prepare for holiday season TECHnically in advanced. It’s never too late to discuss your business goals for the holiday season. I'm here to TECHnically prepare you so that your holiday season will be amazing for your business. This is definitely a step in the right direction and I'll be here with you every step of the way. 

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