#TECHTipTuesday: Down Goes Amazon: AmazonS3 Armageddon 2017

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It's been a long time - I shouldn't have left you without a dope post to.....well, you get my point. Hey folks! I'm back temporarily on this blog (I'll explain more soon) because today's breaking news just couldn't wait!

                                      photo courtesy of: www.palmbeachpost.com

                                     photo courtesy of: www.palmbeachpost.com

Over the last few hours, Amazon has the internet going nuts. What many people fail to realize is that Amazon's web services and its infrastructure are connected to SOOOOOOOO many platforms that it would take me until Jesus came back to name them all. As a techie, I've been watching the Amazon S3 news like a hawk and here's what's going on......

If you're unfamiliar to what Amazon S3 stands for, S3 stands for "simple storage service". It's a web service offered through Amazon that provides storage. Basically, it's one of the storage options that most of your favorite platforms use to run their systems (i.e. Shopify, SamCart, ClickFunnels, Mailchimp, Convertkit, etc.). One of Amazon's S3 servers from the US East 1 is currently down. I'm in the technology industry and I've dealt with two outages before (one working for Apple as a former Genius and one working for the government in Georgia) BUT now it's my job to help my community! Amazon is working tirelessly at the moment trying to resolve the issue but it's time to learn how this is affecting your business.


Check out this video the explains the content below perfectly.

Let’s discuss 3 ways to TECHnically prepare your business today!


1. Alert Your Community

When it comes to your products or services, people in your community or potential consumers don't like to be left in the dark. It's one thing to ignore information you've received from them about current issues but it's another to not keep them informed. Be honest and transparent about what's going on. People are purchasings your products or services because they see the value you could bring to their business. Not keeping them informed can hurt your brand and reputation. You definitely don't want that.

One of the best ways to inform your community if Amazon or related servers are down is to utilize the power of social media. Sometimes social media is not affected. When it isn't, upload some post, videos, or even live stream to keep them informed. Simply let them know of the issues that are being caused to your store, site, or etc. You will receive more consumers because you are keeping them in the loop versus in the dark.


2. Constant Communication

Having your team or freelancers in the loop as to what's going on is equally important. Unified communication is important for the greater good of the business. Regardless of whether you're a solopreneur versus a team, speaking on the issue amongst one another is important for the company.

For those with teams, have an emergency meeting with your main staff and your IT team. Ask your IT team to present the current findings, the source of the issue, and the TAT (turnaround time) of when this will be resolved. From there, the marketing team should correlate this information to the appropriate channels. This emergency meeting will keep all members on the same page to handle consumer volume for the business. If you're a solopreneur who outsources services, contact your contractors to see if they are affected by the issue. Have a meeting with them to discuss the immediate plan of action and communication for the business. If it's just you on the team, have an emergency session with yourself to see what you can do immediately. All of this is truly important when it comes to customer service.


3. Emergency Systems & SOP Audit

In times like this, it's important to conduct an audit of your current systems or standard operating procedures. TECHnology is not meant to be perfect but it's meant to be a compliment to your business. An emergency audit for your systems and SOP's can show you how to prevent this from stagnating your business in the future or highlight things that need to be in place anyways.

An emergency systems audit can focus on backup plans for your systems. The business has to continue to run so look at options for systems that will allow you to keep the show going. Additionally, if certain team members or freelancers are unavailable during any outage then it's important to select systems with a learning curve you feel comfortable with. You never know when outages can happen so at least you or your team can be prepared. An emergency SOP audit can focus on how your team or you can support your business in the meantime. It's important to have a SOP in place to make sure your business can still run even through the midst of an outage. 


Outages can come and go when it comes to technology but its more about how you prepare to deal with them. Amazon's web services team is currently working to resolve the issue but it's time to get our businesses prepared....TECHnically speaking.

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Update: 6:15PM EST - Based on Amazon's S3 status update, Amazon S3 is performing normally

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