#TECHTipTuesday: How to go from productivity zero to productivity hero in your business

 #TECHTipTuesday Blog: How to go from productivity ZERO to productivity HERO in your business

Lately, my productivity has been undergoing some serious changes. As you make changes in your business model, change will definitely require you to grow. Sometimes, I honestly felt like I had to be a superhero and accomplish EVERYTHING on my to-do list. However, this had a negative effect in my beginnings. I used to have these super long list that left me feeling tired and trying to figure out where my day went. Oh, did I mention that 8 times out of 10 I NEVER completed those list? Yeah, call me crazy for REAL. I realized that it was definitely time for some changes and I hope you realize the same. Here are 3 simplified steps to go from productivity zero to hero in your business:

1. Plan your day the night before: I got hip to this in 2010. I was watching a video by Jack Canfield entitled "Planning Your Day" and he was talking about planning your day out the night before. I notice that things begin to change in my personal and corporate life. When I got into entrepreneurship in 2014, I implemented this productivity hack again and it's been working wonders. As my business model began to change, I kept some things that are familiar to my growth. Planning is a major part of become a productivity hero.

2. Put your cellphone on "SILENT" while you're working: During the day, it is VERY hard to reach me and I made this intentional for my productivity. As a former Apple Genius and Apple fanatic, DO NOT DISTURB is my Tech BFF. My phone stays on this throughout the day (of course if you're on my favorites which isn't many) because I want to focus on the tasks at hand. When we have our devices on "ring" or "vibrate", we become distracted every time a sound is made. It takes us psychologically out of our game plan for the day. Keep the phone on "silent" and watch things change.

3. Automate your productivity hacks: Technology is here to help you not hurt your business. Using automation not only saves you time but also money. Automation can help you achieve things on your to-do list effortlessly. If you need to upload your content for the week, use Hootsuite, Buffer, or IFTTT to achieve this goal. If people want to book time on your schedule to work with you, setup a capture form on your landing page or site to connect them to your calendar automatically. You're probably using automation hacks on a daily basis and don't even know it. It's time to increase your productivity and this is definitely one way to accomplish your goals.

When it comes to productivity, think about the process of achieving your goals daily, weekly, and monthly. Going from a productivity zero to a productivity hero requires planning, strategy, execution, and your mindset. When all of these things come together, your workflow will be unstoppable!

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In the comments, share your trials and tribulations about your productivity lately. Also share how you plan to go from a zero to hero.

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