#TECHTipTuesday: Using A Project Management System To Keep Your Team & Biz Life In Order

 #TECHTipTuesday Blog: Using a project management system to keep your team and biz in order

What would my life be without systems? Better yet, where would my business be without them? Many people don't realize the importance of project management systems especially when working with remote or face-to-face team members.  Here are 3 ways to use project management systems to keep your team and business life in order....

1. Learn the power of your system: A great way to introduce your team (or yourself) to a new system is to allow some bonding with the product to take place. Take the time to do additional research. Take an on-boarding or getting started webinar. Hire an expert who has vast experience in your particular system to help train your team (or yourself). It's important to understand and learn about the power of the system you will be using for your business. Setting the tone and foundation for your team & business life is imperative to your productivity and order.

2. Use a centralized system or systems across all teams (or for yourself): For your productivity's sake, it's best to use centralized apps, tools, and systems all across the board for yourself and your team. Reason being is that it's easier to focus on the tasks and projects at hand. Having too many systems for different teams (or even yourself) can cause you to be less productive in the long run. Focus on systems that allow all team members (or yourself) to access the same information. It will make your business life easier.

3. Create milestones or deadlines in your systems: Keeping a schedule of what's coming up for your projects will keep the morale for your team (or yourself) in a good place. When your clients want to check in on a project and want to make sure you're on time for their project, this can work wonders. Accountability is important for working with a team (or yourself). Setting milestones and deadlines in your systems is a great way to keep your team (and yourself) on point and accountable.

Keep in mind, to inspire, and boost your team (or your own) productivity, these 3 steps to using a project management system is important to your business. I truly can't imagine my life without systems (even when I wasn't leveraging the power of them properly). Your new technical assistant for your team (and BFF for you) is your project management system. It can keep your team and business life in order every step of the way.

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