Email Marketing just became simpler with ConvertKit

ConvertKit is one of the go-to resources for any small business that uses email marketing. The simplicity of its platform allows you to increase your influence within your industry and allows you to monetize from your knowledge, products, or services. It’s simple, powerful, and very effective.

As a certified ConvertKit expert, I’ve helped dozens of companies with migration, setup, and training on the ConvertKit platform to increase their influence & sales in their business. Regardless of your industry, I can make ConvertKit work for you.

First, we’ll schedule an initial consultation to figure out exactly what you need from ConvertKit, and how it fits into your overall email marketing strategy. Secondly, I will determine the roadmap for services based on business goals. Lastly, I’ll take over the process by implementing the services to the ConvertKit platform and customize the setup for your business.

After the setup is complete, I’ll continue to support and manage your account (if you choose a maintenance package), making sure everything works perfectly for your business.

Additional questions? Feel free to contact me here.