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Create With ConvertKit Ebook (Pre-Order)
Since 2016, I’ve been using this for my business and I couldn’t be happier. I always get answered questions from my community about how to use it so I decided to write an ebook about it. Create With ConvertKit teaches you many beginner, intermediate, & advanced tips, strategies, and more on how to create more with ConvertKit in your life & business. Pre-order your copy today!

Creative Email Content Ideas
I’ve taught over 1,492+ subscribers how to create numerous content ideas to grow their email list, showcase their zone of genius and increase their conversions. As an email marketing strategist myself (for almost 5 years), the content for your list is as important as the subscribers on it, and that’s what this course teaches you.

Monetize Your Email List
It’s one thing to have an email list and it’s another thing to monetize from it. The power of email marketing can definitely help you build, grow, and scale your business. There are many ways to monetize your list but there are 10 that I have found successful over the last 4+ years in business and I’m sharing those with you in this course.


Newsletter #1
Each week, I write one article and share it exclusively with my list on Tuesday’s. It’s all about the content and helping you learn email marketing strategies & solutions that can help your business. There are no freebies, last calls for offers, launch gimmicks or spamming—just one article per week inside your inbox with valuable content.

Newsletter #2
Want to find out about my new products (i.e. email courses, membership sites, etc.) or my live workshops (i.e. masterclasses, trainings, virtual events, etc.), then this is definitely the list for you.  Each week, I send out one email in regards to what I’m launching or offering. This list will give you first access to pre-orders or be able to purchase things before the public.

Newsletter #3
When it comes to finding out what I’m up to, amazing stories of my ups & downs, entrepreneurship, and pivoting in business, this is the list for you. I’ve been in the technology industry for 8+ years and an entrepreneur for 4 years. Trust me, there is never a dull moment. FYI: I usually send emails out once a week.

I’ve been using this amazing platform since 2016 and it’s been one of the best decisions that I’ve made for my business. I’m also a ConvertKit Certified Expert (which means I really know my stuff). Sign up under my affiliate link and you’ll get a free month of ConvertKit on me.

Another powerful system I use. Yes, I have a website but I love the results of this automated sales funnel for my business. Get a 14-day free trial and build your first, second, or tenth sales funnels in minutes with great plug an play templates.

My WordPress site wouldn’t be up and running if it weren’t for DreamHost. I’ve been with them since 2011 and have loved my service. So will you. Sign up for your dreampass WordPress web hosting today!