I decided to switch things up and have a /now page, thanks to the great Derek Sivers  — and basically, this is a “what’s Kristen up to” kind of thing.

So, here it goes…

What I’m doing right now

  1. Well, I left the land of Squarespace to enter the world of WordPress. It’s been a move that I’ve dreaded for a while but it was needed. Still getting settled in so excuse the quirks at the moment.
  2. I’m also making some major changes to my business model. It’s time to pivot and I’m excited for what’s next.
  3. Considering conducting a social media experiment (honestly, I’m over it). Planning to document and record my findings (will keep you updated).

What I plan on doing next

  1. Making the month of July my fiscal new year: working on a few secret squirrel projects (stay tuned), getting the backend of my systems + processes updated based on my new business model, prepping for Holiday 2018, and shifting my focus towards 2019..
  2. Start writing – it’s time for the world to read my book.
  3. Focus on my holistic wellness. It’s time to get back in the gym, switch up my eating habits, and focus on meditation again

Updated: 30 June 2018