Here are few products I’ve created for you:

Creative Email Content Ideas
I’ve taught over 1,492+ subscribers how to create numerous content ideas to grow their email list, showcase their zone of genius and increase their conversions. As an email marketing strategist myself (for almost 5 years), the content for your list is as important as the subscribers on it, and that’s what this course teaches you.

Build A Valuable Email List (soon)
I love the power of email marketing and it’s truly increased my influence. When you have an email list, you become the go-to expert for your industry. You have the ability (thanks to technology) to connect with your ideal customers or clients with the power of email. It’s important to know how to engage with your subscribers and build a valuable email list. I’ll be teaching that and more in this course.

Monetize Your Email List
It’s one thing to have an email list and it’s another thing to monetize from it. The power of email marketing can definitely help you build, grow, and scale your business. There are many ways to monetize your list but there are 10 that I have found successful over the last 4+ years in business and I’m sharing those with you in this course.

Ready.Set.ConvertKit™ (soon)
I created this course because I saw a massive gap between using ConvertKit and actually using ConvertKit the right way. The “right way” meaning, organizing subscribers better, automating better, seeing higher delivery rates. So: using ConvertKit to make money, instead of spending money on ConvertKit.

Book Title: TBD (soon)
I’m writing a book about why technology is the secret to small businesses growing and scaling. It’s about how key strategies can help companies achieve their true goals.