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Don’t Let The Busy Holiday Season Catch Your Business Off Guard! 


This course is not another "fix everything overnight" course (just because it's 100% free).

This course is focused on solving a real problem and showing you how to prepare for the holiday season.

This is an approach to being more efficient that will debunk myths you've heard when it comes to tech. 

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Focus on automation + processes in 30 days & beyond

It doesn't happen by signing up for a system, creating a product or service & wondering why your holiday sales aren't where they should be. Strategy is definitely key! 


There are amazing changes occurring in the technology and online business world. Regardless of your industry, you can achieve your revenue goal by having the right systems and processes in place. 

  • Technology and your business are two peas in a pod.
  • Traditional technology tools are becoming extinct and everyone wants better systems. 
  • Systems, automation, & processes are the key to increasing your revenue and growing your biz during the holiday season.


Here's what you'll learn!

Website hosting & E-Commerce



and much more!


Accessing your hardware

The right stuff (i.e. Systems)

Automation is your BFF

Your Email List & SMS Marketing